Thursday, 1 August 2013


Common to all kind of people who are staying here
  1. Daily any age group of people can come here to spend their time here by speaking & playing with their friends at the time of 7PM to 8PM. For them also we will arrange pick up & drop by van.
  2. 24 Hours people can get doctors service.
  3. Daily Yoga, Meditation is available here for all age group of people.
  4. People who are staying here they can learn spoken English, Hindi and Sanskrit.
  5. We are safely arranging small tour program to go temple by bus or train for people who are staying here.
  6. Here people will get love, caring, healthy as well as suitable food, peaceful mind, good medicine, neat accommodation, indoor & outdoor enjoyment, new and true relations, meditation, yoga, hot water, 24 hours water, service from nurse, washing machine to wash their clothes and safety.
  7. People who are willing they can do prayer, meditation, walking, bajan & yoga. It is not compulsory to all.
  8. Dresses were washing by washing machine to all age group of people who are staying in our home.
  9. Always Home, Bath room & Toilet will keep up very clean & neat manner by required liquid.
  10. Weekly once people who are staying here will check up by doctors. If they need medicine any time we will arrange it soon.
  11. Weekly once people will take to nearer temple & monthly once people will take to outstation temple by our Van.
  12. Totally we will fulfill people’s (who are staying our home) necessary.
  13. In our home people can speak, play, sing & discuss with them very freely.

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