Thursday, 1 August 2013


                            Special advantage
  1. Especially aged people who are living here they can teach their talents, life experience, studies, graft works, hand works and a valuable suggestions, advice, alertness, intellectual knowledge to the youngsters who are living here if youngsters wants. Through that aged people can get mind satisfaction and youngsters can get a nice & suitable also lovable guidance from respected persons.
  2. We will encourage people who are living here by conducting anthaksari, musical chair and quiz competition to all age group of people.
  3. It is a nice chance to get new and true relation like youngsters can get well wishers, grandfathers, grandmothers, mother & father. Similarly aged people can get new & true daughters, son and grandchildren.
  4. We are willing to give counseling to people who vexed in their life also we could give them new & true relations as well as good, right, hopeful, bright & useful future.

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